A Free Bird

A Free Bird

There was a bird- a little one- oblivious to pains of the real world, full of innocence, life, the most caring and the most beautiful one around… One day she saw a glitter of such an immense beauty that she couldn’t resist seeking it … she was a bit hesitant to enter the unknown territory but the charm of glitter was so much that finally she walked towards of it ignorant of what she was leaving behind. The glitter was a trap of destiny for her, she was caged… but our little bird was very happy to be with her glitter… yes it was hers… she was happy to be in a cage she didn’t care if she ws not free but she was happy… the cage with the glitter became her world… she thought she had everything…living in the world of her fancy… enjoying the moments…

But slowly and slowly it began to dawn to her that she was at a place where she cant be happy… she was missing her family … her friends…her freedom…she was changing into someone else… she didnt want to loose the real her… She cant like the glitter anymore… she wanted to break free… she wanted to go back to her world where she can fly again with freedom… and one day she escaped out… she flew back to her own world… though she missed having the glitter with her but she realized she cant compromise on her freedom for a object previously unknown to her… she must love herself more than anything…. If she was meant to have the glitter then she was not also meant to be caged….she was meant to be her real self… no one is to be blamed but the destiny…

She was a bird who needed to be free to fly across the sky and she did the right thing….


One thought on “A Free Bird

  1. The valiant Little bird has gained the key to the doors of celestial kingdom glory.
    The acknowledgable decisions are a matter of time.However the remarkable courage the little bird mustered to fly is respectfull.

    The bird has grown up…This testimony(the witness of rejoice and glory) marks her INDEPENDENCE and FREEEDOM….

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