A surreal dream so unreal

A surreal dream so unreal

Why is it so that when you want it the most you can’t even dare to try…?

When you know you have never thought of not trying ever before, never thought to let your dream be a dream forever…

But why is it that sometimes it becomes so difficult to come out of your dream life,

Why your one dream becomes so distant from reality, when till now you have been able to make them all come true…

But this time trying will shatter all your dreams rather than fulfilling them…

So what shall you do?!!! – Just let it be a dream- a happy dream!!!!

But the reality is too much far off… You have already put in your effort despite knowing how futile your effort is gonna be… and now what?

Your dream is still a dream but not happy anymore…

Is there any way to make amends now!!! You must hope for one though, because loosing the dream itself will be even more painful than loosing the reality…


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